Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top Ten Magazines in the Philippines

Uummm...i love reading magazines and this survey from Nielsen Media Research is somewhat credible i guess, look, there's a figure. ^_^

1. FHM (Summit Media) - 27.8% i read if my brother happens to have one, but i don't buy

2. Cosmopolitan (Summit Media) - 23.5% i read and i buy

3. Good Housekeeping (Summit Media) - 17.3% i read but not that much

4. YES! (Summit Media) - 14.2% i read but i don't buy

5. Metro (ABS-CBN Publishing) - 13.8% i read if there's nothing to read

6. Candy (Summit Media) - 12% i used to buy and read, now, i only read

7. Men's Health (Summit Media) - 9.5% never read any

8. T3 (Summit Media) - 9.1% not that interested but have read some issues though

9. Entrepreneur (Summit Media) - 9% ??? no!

10. Maxim (ABS-CBN Publishing) - 8.9% have read once or twice but never bought one.

Source: PEP


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Bradpetehoops said...

Entrepreneur is good.