Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top Ten Magazines in the Philippines

Uummm...i love reading magazines and this survey from Nielsen Media Research is somewhat credible i guess, look, there's a figure. ^_^

1. FHM (Summit Media) - 27.8% i read if my brother happens to have one, but i don't buy

2. Cosmopolitan (Summit Media) - 23.5% i read and i buy

3. Good Housekeeping (Summit Media) - 17.3% i read but not that much

4. YES! (Summit Media) - 14.2% i read but i don't buy

5. Metro (ABS-CBN Publishing) - 13.8% i read if there's nothing to read

6. Candy (Summit Media) - 12% i used to buy and read, now, i only read

7. Men's Health (Summit Media) - 9.5% never read any

8. T3 (Summit Media) - 9.1% not that interested but have read some issues though

9. Entrepreneur (Summit Media) - 9% ??? no!

10. Maxim (ABS-CBN Publishing) - 8.9% have read once or twice but never bought one.

Source: PEP

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Top 10 Philippine Hidden Destinations

April is over but May just begun. There are still ample of time to plan your summer getaway. I have nothing against Bora but spending my summer there is not really on my list. =/ Then I chanced upon this article in WikiPilipinas and it made me go... hhmmm...why not??? Anyway, here it is...


The province of Romblon is made up of twenty beautiful islands which have been likened to the Mediterranean islands. The island of Romblon is the Philippines’ main source of marble, thus earning the moniker “Marble Country”. However, there’s more to Romblon than marble. Mt. Guiting-guiting on Sibuyan Island with a height of 2,058 meters is considered a challenge to mountain climbers, for example. Romblon also has crystal-clear rivers and waterfalls, and beautiful, as yet unspoiled beaches.

2. Davao Oriental

In January 2000, the earliest sunrise of the new millennium in the Philippines was at the easternmost tip of the country: Pusan Point, Davao Oriental, the “Sunrise Capital of the Philippines”. Davao Oriental has more than just sunrises to offer, however. It boasts, among others, the “bonsai forest” at Mt. Hamiguitan, “Tinagong Dagat” (Hidden Sea), plesiosaur-shaped “Dinosaur Island”, Cape San Agustin where legend has it St. Francis Xavier celebrated his first mass, and beautiful waterfalls and beaches. Davao Oriental is also home to the Mandaya ethnic group.


The island of Siquijor, also called “Isla del Fuego” or the “Isle of Fire”, is known to many as a place of magic, mysticism and enchantments. It is frequently associated with phenomena beyond the explanations of science. For some, traveling to this island is not for the faint of heart or weak of spirit, yet for those who do go to this island, it is a beautiful place of natural white sand beaches, coral reefs, caves and forests, simply worth discovering. After admiring the natural sceneries and venturing into the caves, visitors might also attend the healing festivals or watch locals perform feats that boggle the mind.

4. Antique

Antiqueños pride themselves on living in one of the oldest pre-Hispanic settlements in the Philippines. According to legend, Antique, or Hamtik, as it was then called, was the realm of Datu Sumakwel, and was the first large Malay settlement in the country. Although now often passed over in favor of nearby Boracay, Antique has many scenic beauties to offer those seeking adventures with nature. It has lovely waterfalls, lakes, and rivers, including the Tibiao River, ideal for white water kayaking. The province’s highest peak is the legendary Mt. Madia-as, sacred mountain and home of ancient gods, home to rare flora and fauna. Antique is also the home of the famous “Bugasong patadyong”. Lately, the river of Sibalom, Antique has been discovered to be rich with semi-precious stones.

5. Catanduanes

The island of Catanduanes in the Bicol Region is in the Pacific Ocean, and is still virtually untouched by tourists, making it a great vacation getaway for those who want to relax for a while from the rat race. Puraran Beach in the town of Baras on this island is the site of the so-called “Majestic” waves prized by surfers. The island also has as-yet-unspoiled white beaches all along its coastline, as well as diving spots for snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts, and cascading waterfalls farther inland.

6. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Scenic Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, dubbed the “Summer Capital of the South”, is a protected landscape and the ancestral home of the T'boli people. Located in the Daguma Mountains of SOCCSKSARGEN, it boasts three beautiful mountain lakes (Sebu, Seloton and Lahit) and seven waterfalls, as well as the rich culture of the T'bolis, now internationally known for their t'nalak cloth. The scenery and light in this place make it a photographer's paradise, and the mountains offer adventures for intrepid trekkers.

7. Glan, Sarangani

Beautiful Glan, Sarangani, is the site of Philippine Government Colony No. 9, the first settlement by pioneers from Luzon and the Visayas in 1914 in SOCCSKSARGEN. It is a place where mountain sceneries meet white beaches and clear, sparkling waters.

8.Baler, Aurora

Baler, Aurora, the birthplace of first Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, is a place caught between the mountains and the sea: the Pacific Ocean on the east, and the Sierra Madre Mountains on the west. Remote and isolated from the metropolis, its beauties remain unspoiled, waiting to be discovered. Sabang Beach waves are good for surfing, while nearby islets are great for snorkeling. History enthusiasts may be interested in Quezoniana such as the ruins of the Quezon house.Talk on the web is that in keeping with traditional Filipino hospitality, locals are willing to accommodate visitors for lodgings.

Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

Hidden away in the province of Zambales, not far from Subic, is the lovely fishing village of Pundaquit, San Antonio. For those in the know, the beach of Pundaquit is a great haven for beach bums and surfers. This tranquil place was the setting for some of the scenes in the Judy Ann Santos teleserye “Esperanza”, and Punta de Uian Resort served as backdrop of the Villa Santibañez resort in the teleserye “Mari Mar”.

10. Caramoan Peninsula, Camarines Sur

The serene Caramoan Peninsula is a hidden paradise in Camarines Sur, great for swimming, island hopping and nature-tripping. Aside from white beaches, waterfalls and islands, Caramoan also has caves for intrepid explorers and cliffs for rock climbers, as well as the wildlife sanctuary at Caramoan National Park for bird-watchers.

Source and Photo by: WikiPilipinas. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Top 10 Frauds in Philippine History

I'm not really into History but I guess some of you have heard of the following people or stories. Found this one at WikiPilipinas and I find it interesting, really. Check it out.

  1. Code of Kalantiaw - was a mythical legal code in the epic story Maragtas written in 1433 by Datu Kalantiaw, the chief of Negros. It precribed extremely brutal punishments to criminals.
  2. Legend of the Ten Bornean Datus - refers to the ten chieftains who allegedly ventured to the Island of Panay boarding a boat called balangay (or barangay) to evade the tyrannical ruler of Borneo, Datu Makatunaw.
  3. Code of Maragtas - was a document dated between 1200 to 1250 which tells the story of the arrival of the ten datus from Borneo who allegedly bought the island of Panay from the Aetas for a golden salakot.
  4. Rajah Bendahara Kalantiaw - was one of the mythical characters in Jose E. Marco's Maragtas Legend. He became the chief of Negros (or Aklan) two hundred years after the rule of Datu Bangkaya.
  5. Datu Puti - was the supposed leader of the ten Bornean datus. Under his command, they reached Siwaragan (now San Joaquin), Iloilo.
  6. Datu Sumakwel - headed the Bornean datus upon the return of Datu Puti to Borneo. He ventured to the mountains in search of a local deity named Bulalakaw.
  7. Povedano Map - was geographical map illustrated by a certain encomendero by the name of Diegus Lope Povedano of Buglas Island which shows his many land travels and sea voyages with the King of Spain, including that in the year 1572.
  8. Povedano Calendar - was a manuscript that showed a wheel composed of twelve-month year, and seven-day week time calculation in baybayin. It was supposedly a replica of the calendar used by the precolonized inhabitants of the Philippines.
  9. Tasaday - was a group of tiny people who emerged, in 1971, from a rain forest in mountains of the Philippines. They were uncivilized and had thought of the forest as being the whole world itself, with them as the only people living in it.
  10. Princess Urduja - was a mythical, legendary warrior-princess who ruled the kingdom of Tawalisi in the province of Pangasinan. She was said to have personally took part in waging battles and engaged in duels with other warriors

Source: WikiPilipinas

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Top 10 Pinoy Travel Blogs

It's summer once again... love reading travel blogs and I admit travel is one of my favorite topics that I immediately go gaga over this list that WikiPilipinas put up. If you love traveling, the list of blog sites below will definitely keep you glued. Read on... ^_^

Our Awesome Planet

Those who thrive in the world wide web are surely very familiar with the man behind the blog—-Anton Diaz. His blog Awesome Planet shares a slice of Manila's hidden places, food, and travel secrets through well-written pieces and fantastic photos.

Pinoy Travel Blog

Pinoy Travel Blog is a group blog that focuses on Philippine travel. It promotes the natural beauty of the Philippine's 7,107 islands through blogging and the internet. Aside from serving as a guide to travelers, the blog also shares the latest news and tips to travel enthusiasts.

Are We Deer Yet

Are We Deer Yet is a travel blog that accounts the travel of Carlo L. in different places in and out of the Philippines. What makes this blog quite interesting is the fact that Carlo features incidents, places, food and special tips that other travel bloggers don't usually write about.

En Route

The blog En Route is owned by Pinoy backpacker and photographer Ferdz. The blog documents all of Ferdz own travels and photography.His amazing photos that come along together with her posts are already enough to allure travelers to visit all the places he has been to.

Walk This Way

Carlos Celdran's blog, Walk This Way aims to change how one sees Manila one step at a time—literally. The blog contains information on Carlos' Walling Tours schedules and personal accounts on the sights and sounds that best capture the city of Manila.


Byahilo is a travel blog that showcases the best of the Philippines. It features Pinoy festivals, beaches, and cultural heritages. Managed by the travel and photo enthusiast Enrico Dee, Byahilo showcases not only travel promos, but his personal adventures as well. A gallery of all the pictures he has gathered throughout his journey can also be viewed in his blog.

Travel Philippines

Travel Philippines is a blog for locals or foreigners who wish to travel the islands of the Philippines. All the information needed for a trip in the country is featured in this blog—from basic tips to detailed guides. Landmarks, events, important contacts, and brief itineraries can also be found in Travel Philippines.

Ivan About Town

Voted as the 2007 Best Travel Blog, Ivan About Town is the work of Ivan Henares. Through the site, Ivan preaches to surfers and readers that traveling need not be expensive. Through backpacking, Ivan says, one can learn how cheap traveling can be. He also uses the blog to share his personal travels and advocacy of heritage preservation.

Philippine Travel Notes

The site Philippine Travel Notes presents the blogger's travel experiences in an organized and unique way by categorizing all the places he has visited, per region, deviating from the usual chronological approach of blogs.

Pinoy Tour

Pinoy Tour features different places in the Philippines that are worth visiting. Aside from suggesting the perfect getaways in the country, Pinoy Tour also gives tips and how-to's with regard to traveling.

Source: WikiPilipinas. Thanks!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Top 10 Pinoy Bloggers

BLOG is the "IN" thing now. Have read so many blogs and some entertained me while others just bored me to death. Oh well, I know each of us has their own personal favorite bloggers and Wikipilipinas also listed down Top 10 Pinoy Bloggers that are certified household name in the web. Check out if your faves are on the list.

By Rank Order:

  1. Carlos Celdran- He's truly proud of being a Filipino as his blog Celdrantours tries to change how the world sees Manila. Worth reading blog.
  2. Muks- He is the owner of Mukamo. He blogs about Pinoy celebrities, albums, current events and anything about the Philippines. Aside from blogging, he also maintains a forum and a picture gallery in his site.
  3. Yuga (Abraham Olandres)- The owner of YugaTech.He makes reviews or news on Philippine related technology. He does gadgets, websites and even online game reviews.
  4. Owl4ever- The owner of Starmometer, the ultimate entertainment blog in the Philippines. The blog contains facts and trivia on celebrities. From the latest buzz down to the hottest stars, name it, the blog has it.
  5. Pinoy Rickey- His real name is not in his blog. Nevertheless, he is known as Pinoy Rickey.He blogs all about Philippine celebrities, TV shows and a little dose of current events.With his day to day updates in his blog, Pinoy Rickey attracts many readers not to mention comments.
  6. Bryanboy- Owner of Le Superstar Fabuleux . He is a Pinoy gay who loves blogging about celebrities, fashion and some personal stuff about him. He have lots of readers from all over the world because of his style and manner of writing.Very entertaining.
  7. Ederic (Ederic Penaflor Eder)'- Owner of Ederic @ Cyberspace.A Pinoy blogger who writes almost about everything.His thoughts about love, life and mostly, just anything under the sun.
  8. Vonjobi- Owner of the blog dedicated on everything about the Philippines, Filipiniana stuff, Philippine libraries and libarians. Filipino Librarian that is.
  9. Anton Diaz- Anton is the owner of Our Awesome Planet. This is like a Pinoy version of Lonely Planet. Here, Anton shares a slice of Manila. Blogging about his travels, foods and adventures.
  10. Ala Paredes - Ala is no other than the blogger for Alaism. Here, she shares her personal notes in her day to day life. Her adventures and thoughts on anything. A very good and profound writer.

Source: Wikipilipinas. Thanks!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Top 10 Online Fashion Shops

LOVE shopping and this site is heaven sent for me... Thanks WikiPilipinas. ^_^ I noticed they're all in Multiply...hmmm... ???

This is the only place where you will find these unique and vintage-y looking bags. If you happen to browse through Tsoknat's albums, you'll immediately notice the number of comments for each album. Comments from people who want to reserve the one stock per style item that Toni, the owner, sells. All the bags are reserved in just a matter of minutes after photos have been uploaded. Well, this is just one proof that Tsoknat Bags are one of the hottest picks in town. Go see for yourself why.

This online boutique is always up to date with the latest trends in clothes and accessories. Buying items from this shop will give you an instant Hollywood look. With unique hair accessories,clothes, and blings, What To Wear online shop is definitely drool-worthy.

If you want chic accessories to prettify a simple outfit, then Fashion Galore is the online shop to click.The shop has many items inspired by posh brands like Gucci, Juicy Couture, LV, Dior, Chanel and the likes. And mind you, they absolutely look fab, not cheap. Aside from selling fashion items, Fashion Galore also holds contests on certain occasions which is definitely something to look forward to in this online shop.

This one is a heaven-sent online shop for people who love to accentuate their hands. Baubles Bangles N' Bangles sells wooden bangles and--take note!--not just your ordinary bangles but customized ones. Just give them a picture or any instructions on what you want for your bangles and they can do any design for you.Even your favorite pet's face.Now, isn't that cool or what?

This online shop is owned by the young actress Chynna Ortaleza. Being a fan of accessories herself, she turned her love for blings and trinkets into a money making business venture. Her shop has the latest trends in accessories like bling blings, necklaces, and rings. Her shop usually follows a certain theme, which, more often that not, inspired by the movies.

Axxes really gives you an access to all the fabulous dresses at a cheap price. If you are a dress person then this site will totally bring out all the girly aura in you.

If you love big bags, as in BIG but with a touch of sophistication, then this shop's M Barreto Bag Collection is definitely for you. The bag's dimensions start with a length of 15.5", and a height of 10" to 17" wide and 11" long. If you are fond of going on long trips or sleep overs, let M Barreto Bag be your company. And if you have loads of bag and you don't know how to arrange all of them anymore, The Reading Room also has a closet and bag organizer where you can hang all your precious bags and marvel at their sight.

Customized cuffs, pendants, earrings, and charms is AnneVida's specialty. So if you want a look that's totally you, click on AnneVida and start conceptualizing your signature style.

Haven't gotten over your Hello Kitty Madness yet? Then visiting this shop is just like visiting the Hello Kitty Secret House.This site has almost anything about our pink and white furry friend, from a mini sewing machine, cell phone, steering wheel cover, and all the kitchen essentials you need. With all the cute and bare essential HK items from City Glamour, you'll definitely be prettier than pink.

Their graphic tees collection is a sight to behold. The shirts are a bit pricey but they're all worth it. Aside from their attitude tunic tops, Movil Manila also sells our best loved Havaianas Limited Edition.

Source: Wikipilipinas. Thanks! ^_^