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Top 10 Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups

Since it's the Heart's month I will feature breakups. Hahaha. Now that's really ironic. Of course I ain't bitter!!! I just want to deviate from the usual mushy stuff that people like featuring every Valentine's Day. And since I've already featured the loveteams in my previous entry , might as well create an equilibrium and present "the other side of the coin" like what WikiPilipinas stressed.

Here it is, the Top Shocking Breakups in showbiz you never knew would happen.

Martin Nievera + Pops Fernandez

No one had a hint on their break up. The showbiz industry, especially fans, were in total shock when Martin announced their separation in the show ASAP. According to reports, third party was the main reason why the Concert King and Queen broke up and a certain Katrina Ojeda was said to be Martin's alleged girlfriend that time.

Gabby Concepcion + Sharon Cuneta

Their wedding was a well publicized and grandiose one. Their on screen love team was perfect and ideal that fans were thrilled upon the announcement of their engagement. However, fans were dismayed upon learning the crumbled union of their idols, where Sharon later admitted, was a problem with their different views when it comes to family and marriage.

Yilmaz Bektas + Ruffa Gutierrez

Their marriage were like that of a prince and princess. Married to a turkish millionare Yilmaz, Ruffa was a subject of envy among girls. However, their fairy tale love story finally took its turn after 4 years when the two mutually separated. Together with their break up, several issues arose while the two exchanged hurtful words for several week.

Rustom Padilla + Carmina Villaroel

Rustom was one of the popular leading men in local movies during the 90's. He married Carmina Villaroel in 1994 but after 3 years of being together,with no children, they broke up. Rustom was devastated and finally tried to move on after learning Carmina's pregnancy to his partner Zoren. After over 10 years in showbiz, Rustom admitted his homosexuality on national TV through the reality show PBB.

Ogie Alcasid + Michelle Van Eimeren

The love story of Ogie and Michelle proved to the world that love conquers all. Racial boundaries or even height. In a beauty pageant held in the Philippines, Alcasid met Eimeiren and that was the start of their fairy tale romance. Unfortunately, after having two lovable daughters, Michelle, together with their daughters, decided to migrate to Australia indefinitely in 2003. A move that spurred an issue that a marital problem is being faced by the two. In 2007 issue of Yes! Magazine, Ogie finally admitted that he and Michelle were already separated for a long time and that he had found a new love in the person of Asia's songbird Regine Velasquez.

Willie Revillame + Liz Almoro

Everyone thought that Willie hit the jackpot when he hooked up with Beauty Queen Liz Almoro. People felt that Liz will finally tame the naughty comedian. Contrary to what people wished and expected, after two years of marriage and having a son, Liz announced that she is a victim of domestic violence and the marriage is a failure. Alongside with that, a complaint was formally charged against Revillame for violating the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act.

Dennis Padilla + Marjorie Barreto

They are a picture of happy couple and family. They fought for their love against all odds when they were still dating, so when the news broke out about their trial separation after 10 years of being together, fans and the showbiz industry were surprised. Issues started spreading that Marjorie has an affair with Caloocan mayor Recom Echiverri which she denied vehemently. In one interview, Dennis blames his "bad temper" for their separation. Weeks after the news broke out, Marjorie filed an annulment while Dennis is decided to win her and his family back by courting Marjorie again.

Bernard Palanca + Meryll Soriano

After BJ's relationship with Rica ended, he and Meryll got together after the latter broke up with her non-showbiz boyfriend. They've been nothing but a picture of a happy couple professing their love on national TV that they decided to tie the knot soon. However, after just a few months of being together, the then happy couple decided to call it quits, just in time when Meryll is pregnant with her son with Bernard. The break up, according to them, was because of their "irreconcilable differences." Despite of their separation, the two decided to still remain friends for the sake of their son Elijah.

Ramon Christopher + Lotlot De Leon

They're one of the love teams of the 80's. When you say the name Lotlot, the name Monching definitely comes next. A proof that they are a staple to each other. The two got married during their teens and blessed with four children. After 13 years of marriage, the two finally decided to part ways. Rumor has it that it's because of Gardo Verzosa which the latter denied.

Rico Yan + Claudine Barreto

Considered as one of the successful love teams on and off the camera, the rumor that Rico and Claudine broke up shocked fans and the showbiz industry. All the more when Rico Yan passed away leaving a rumor that one factor why the young actor died was because of too much depression when Claudine left her. There was even a controversy that she was already seeing Raymart Santiago shortly or even before the breakup and that they were together when the news that Rico passed away came.

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