Sunday, February 10, 2008

Top Pinoy Big Brother Housemates

Oh well, I don't watch TV programs from Channel 2 so definitely, I'm not a BIG fan of PBB, however, I know some people or friends who are so INTO this reality show so I decided to post this list I found at "The Top Tens". If you have any violent reactions or comments, please feel free to leave it here but don't bash me because I was not the one who made up this list. Hehehe.... ^_^

1) Dionne Monsanto ( PBB2 Finalist )

2) Gee Ann Abrahan ( PBB2 4th Big Placer )

3) Cassandra Ponti ( PBB1 3rd Big Placer )

4) Mickey Perz ( PBB2 2nd Big Placer )

5) Bruce Quebral ( PBB2 Finalist )

6) Beatrice Saw ( PBB2 Big Winner )

7) Kim Chui (PBB Teen Big Winner)

8) Jason Gainza ( PBB1 2nd Big Placer )

9) Wendy Valdez ( PBB2 3rd Big Placer )

10) Kian Kazemi ( PBB2 Wildcard Finalist )

Source: The Top Ten. Thanks! ^_^

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