Sunday, March 9, 2008

Top 10 Pinoy Bloggers

BLOG is the "IN" thing now. Have read so many blogs and some entertained me while others just bored me to death. Oh well, I know each of us has their own personal favorite bloggers and Wikipilipinas also listed down Top 10 Pinoy Bloggers that are certified household name in the web. Check out if your faves are on the list.

By Rank Order:

  1. Carlos Celdran- He's truly proud of being a Filipino as his blog Celdrantours tries to change how the world sees Manila. Worth reading blog.
  2. Muks- He is the owner of Mukamo. He blogs about Pinoy celebrities, albums, current events and anything about the Philippines. Aside from blogging, he also maintains a forum and a picture gallery in his site.
  3. Yuga (Abraham Olandres)- The owner of YugaTech.He makes reviews or news on Philippine related technology. He does gadgets, websites and even online game reviews.
  4. Owl4ever- The owner of Starmometer, the ultimate entertainment blog in the Philippines. The blog contains facts and trivia on celebrities. From the latest buzz down to the hottest stars, name it, the blog has it.
  5. Pinoy Rickey- His real name is not in his blog. Nevertheless, he is known as Pinoy Rickey.He blogs all about Philippine celebrities, TV shows and a little dose of current events.With his day to day updates in his blog, Pinoy Rickey attracts many readers not to mention comments.
  6. Bryanboy- Owner of Le Superstar Fabuleux . He is a Pinoy gay who loves blogging about celebrities, fashion and some personal stuff about him. He have lots of readers from all over the world because of his style and manner of writing.Very entertaining.
  7. Ederic (Ederic Penaflor Eder)'- Owner of Ederic @ Cyberspace.A Pinoy blogger who writes almost about everything.His thoughts about love, life and mostly, just anything under the sun.
  8. Vonjobi- Owner of the blog dedicated on everything about the Philippines, Filipiniana stuff, Philippine libraries and libarians. Filipino Librarian that is.
  9. Anton Diaz- Anton is the owner of Our Awesome Planet. This is like a Pinoy version of Lonely Planet. Here, Anton shares a slice of Manila. Blogging about his travels, foods and adventures.
  10. Ala Paredes - Ala is no other than the blogger for Alaism. Here, she shares her personal notes in her day to day life. Her adventures and thoughts on anything. A very good and profound writer.

Source: Wikipilipinas. Thanks!


Earvin said...

Wah. Sana umabot din ako sa list na yan this Year! Joke. Wehehehehe.

Star Gazer said...

hehehe...who knows di ba, baka mademote iyong iba ikaw ang pumalit. hahaha...^_^

chris diestro said...

hi! Thanks for including me. My name by the way is Chris Diestro. screen name ko lang yung owl4ever or Night Owl.

Star Gazer said...

hi chris, just reposted the list that came from Wikipilipinas.^_^ anyway, been to your blog several times and I must say you deserve to be on the list.very informative blog mo.hehehe. congrats and keep it up!

Ederic said...

Niloloko ako ng mga cyberfriend ko dati dyan, eh. Baka raw ako ang nagsulat nung Wiki entry. :p

Ganunpaman, salamat pa rin. :)

Star Gazer said...