Saturday, March 29, 2008

Top 10 Pinoy Travel Blogs

It's summer once again... love reading travel blogs and I admit travel is one of my favorite topics that I immediately go gaga over this list that WikiPilipinas put up. If you love traveling, the list of blog sites below will definitely keep you glued. Read on... ^_^

Our Awesome Planet

Those who thrive in the world wide web are surely very familiar with the man behind the blog—-Anton Diaz. His blog Awesome Planet shares a slice of Manila's hidden places, food, and travel secrets through well-written pieces and fantastic photos.

Pinoy Travel Blog

Pinoy Travel Blog is a group blog that focuses on Philippine travel. It promotes the natural beauty of the Philippine's 7,107 islands through blogging and the internet. Aside from serving as a guide to travelers, the blog also shares the latest news and tips to travel enthusiasts.

Are We Deer Yet

Are We Deer Yet is a travel blog that accounts the travel of Carlo L. in different places in and out of the Philippines. What makes this blog quite interesting is the fact that Carlo features incidents, places, food and special tips that other travel bloggers don't usually write about.

En Route

The blog En Route is owned by Pinoy backpacker and photographer Ferdz. The blog documents all of Ferdz own travels and photography.His amazing photos that come along together with her posts are already enough to allure travelers to visit all the places he has been to.

Walk This Way

Carlos Celdran's blog, Walk This Way aims to change how one sees Manila one step at a time—literally. The blog contains information on Carlos' Walling Tours schedules and personal accounts on the sights and sounds that best capture the city of Manila.


Byahilo is a travel blog that showcases the best of the Philippines. It features Pinoy festivals, beaches, and cultural heritages. Managed by the travel and photo enthusiast Enrico Dee, Byahilo showcases not only travel promos, but his personal adventures as well. A gallery of all the pictures he has gathered throughout his journey can also be viewed in his blog.

Travel Philippines

Travel Philippines is a blog for locals or foreigners who wish to travel the islands of the Philippines. All the information needed for a trip in the country is featured in this blog—from basic tips to detailed guides. Landmarks, events, important contacts, and brief itineraries can also be found in Travel Philippines.

Ivan About Town

Voted as the 2007 Best Travel Blog, Ivan About Town is the work of Ivan Henares. Through the site, Ivan preaches to surfers and readers that traveling need not be expensive. Through backpacking, Ivan says, one can learn how cheap traveling can be. He also uses the blog to share his personal travels and advocacy of heritage preservation.

Philippine Travel Notes

The site Philippine Travel Notes presents the blogger's travel experiences in an organized and unique way by categorizing all the places he has visited, per region, deviating from the usual chronological approach of blogs.

Pinoy Tour

Pinoy Tour features different places in the Philippines that are worth visiting. Aside from suggesting the perfect getaways in the country, Pinoy Tour also gives tips and how-to's with regard to traveling.

Source: WikiPilipinas. Thanks!

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