Friday, January 25, 2008

Top 10 Pinoy Commercials You Love

I swear I'm so emotional (certain things only). Even the slightest scene, line or even TV commercial can make me shed tears. I guess I'm just to imaginative on how this or that particular instance relates to my life. Hahaha. How conceited can I get. ^_^ Anyway, I agree with the list below of WikiPilipinas' Top 10 Commercials. Though some of them, I can't remember seeing even once.

  1. Karen Po (McDonalds) - A girl named Karen and her Lolo are eating at McDonalds and the Lolo keeps on mistaking Karen for another grandchild named "Gina". ( ko to!)
  2. Suportahan Taka (PLDT) - A PLDT commercial where an Ilonggo medicine student in Manila calls up his father in Iloilo to tell him he wants to shift to Fine Arts. (nice accent huh?)
  3. The Coke Beat (Coke) - Two college girls playing the Coke Beat. (memorized this one!)
  4. Goodbye Carlo (Tender Juicy Hotdog) - A chubby girl swears by her diary that she is ready to diet in order to win her crush Carlo's attention. (cute, especially Carlo! <3>
  5. Kasama Ka (Coke) - Nikki Gil distributes Coke to people while singing the Coke jingle. (i crooned with this)
  6. Dugo-Dugo Gang (PLDT) - Inday, the househelp, receives a call from a stranger who claims he is her employer, but who is apparently a member of the Dugo-Dugo Gang. (nice one! one smart house helper ;p )
  7. Sabado Nights (SMB) - This commercial made Ina Raymundo, sporting a full black outfit and flirting with Paolo Abrera, an instant star. (, so)
  8. Magpakatotoo ka! (Sprite) - Just one of the "Magpakatotoo ka!" commercials of Sprite. A guy was caught by his friends watching a cheesy drama flick in the TV. (so cute, so are the boys. They're the MAN!)
  9. I Can Feel It (Palmolive) - The classic Alice Dixson TV ad that brought her to stardom. (funny! can't remember seeing this. nice outfits and dance move. wahaha!!!)
  10. SiBoom (SMB) - The commercial that gave Rachel Lobangco the name "SiBoom". This commercial starred the Apo Hiking Society and Bert "Tawa" Marcelo. (ummm...this one I remember but not really a fave)

Source: WikiPilipinas. Thanks!!!

Here's my own list or runners up, or the one, that I think, should be included in the list. ^_^

  • Smart- the one where the husband, who's suffering from stroke, texted her wife.Still gets goosebumps whenever I think of it. So touching I wanna cry now.
  • Sprite (Magpakatotoo ka!)- That's the one with Ryan Agoncillo, right? This is where he became popular. He's sporting a cool jacket in he middle of the afternoon that he fainted because he refused to take off his jacket because he really thinks he looks very COOL on it. So funny! I think Ryan was cute sa commercial na iyon. ^_^

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