Thursday, January 31, 2008

Philippine Love Teams You Won't Forget

Since it's the month of the hearts already, i think this is just the right time to post this one. Hehehe. Ummm.. i know most of them but others? Just heard from my lola. ^_^ Read on WikiPilipinas' list of love teams. Actually, they're 15, just click HERE to check out the remaining 5.

Their tandem first emerged in 1969 with the box-office hit The Musical Teenage Idol. Their unusual pairing, a morena (Nora) and a mestizo (Tirso), became phenomenal in local showbiz.

Their first pair-up was in 1981 in the movie Dear Heart. They became the most popular love team in Philippine Cinema in the 80's that several teenybopper movies were made after that, still starring both actors.

Their tandem has become a phenomenal hit because of their undoubtable chemistry. They are hailed as one of the country's most talked-about love teams today. Both Bea and John Lloyd were part of ABS-CBN's Talent Center before they became a love team.

They were paired off in the early 80's and their team up was described as wacky because of their comedy and fantasy flicks. Taray (as Maricel was formerly called) is the exact opposite of Pabling (William)

Their tandem started with the TV show, The Sensation. Their popularity grew, and they started co-starring in movies together.Their team up was a success and the audience clamored for them.

Their love chemistry started in the now-defunct TV series Esperanza (1997-1999). Their chemistry was such a success that Star Cinema and ABS-CBN continued to pair them up in TV series and movies alike.

They danced their way to fame. Their team-up started and blossomed in the movie, Amor-mioSquatters (1953). in 1952. They both showed off their talent in dancing in the film

Claudine and Rico starred in one of ABS-CBN's most successful soap operas that showcased powerhouse casting, Mula Sa Puso.Their onscreen romance soon became an offscreen relationship.

One of the most popular love teams in the 1940's. In 1940, their tandem was launched in the movie Senorita their team up was a hit and tremendously accepted during the prewar and postwar times.

Onscreen and offscreen partners. Pancho and Tita were one of the popular love teams in the late 40's up to the 50's.

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Source and Photo Credit: WikiPilipinas... Thanks!

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