Thursday, January 24, 2008

Top Pinoy Movie Clichés Ever

Funny but true, Pinoy films have the same 'ol formula but people still love watching them despite is predictability. Found this one at Wikipilipinas. Read on and have a good laugh.

  • The long dialogue- The villain and the hero finally have a one-on-one encounter. But instead of pulling the trigger, they will have a long dialogue first before they realize that they are there to kill each other not to have an emotional chat.
  • The last wish- The protagonist or his leading lady will be shot, but before his/her last breath, he/she will still have time to utter his or her last wish.
  • The car chase- The long car chase along Regalado with the fresh-from-the-junk shop-get away car. The car will do a somersault and end up exploding.
  • Better late than never- After hundreds of bullets and casualties, the policemen finally will enter the picture, acting like superheroes ready to save the day.
  • Stupid and funny sidekicks- The big boss villain’s henchmen are always stupid or lousy, while the hero’s sidekick is funny.
  • The “IT” girl- The love interest of the hero will be held as a hostage or the other way around--the female hostage will eventually be the love interest of the hero.
  • The Magic Circle- The attackers will circle the hero and wait for their turn to attack him one at a time. Ironic but true. Which makes one wonder why they don't just attack the hero at the same time so that the fight will be over in a matter of seconds.
  • Magical Guns- Guns that never run out of bullets and gunmen never hitting their targets despite the raining bullets.
  • Bakit ngayon ka lang? (Why only now?)-The leading man is about to get married when he meets another woman and they fall in love with each other, leaving the poor fiancée behind.
  • The old warehouse- The ultimate meeting place and hideout for kidnappers. This is also the place where the fighting scene takes place.

Hey! I did say I will only aggregate ten list right? Hahaha, this listing has more than 10 movie cliches so if you wanna read the rest, visit this link

Source: WikiPilipinas... Thanks!

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