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Philippine Love Teams You Won't Forget

Since it's the month of the hearts already, i think this is just the right time to post this one. Hehehe. Ummm.. i know most of them but others? Just heard from my lola. ^_^ Read on WikiPilipinas' list of love teams. Actually, they're 15, just click HERE to check out the remaining 5.

Their tandem first emerged in 1969 with the box-office hit The Musical Teenage Idol. Their unusual pairing, a morena (Nora) and a mestizo (Tirso), became phenomenal in local showbiz.

Their first pair-up was in 1981 in the movie Dear Heart. They became the most popular love team in Philippine Cinema in the 80's that several teenybopper movies were made after that, still starring both actors.

Their tandem has become a phenomenal hit because of their undoubtable chemistry. They are hailed as one of the country's most talked-about love teams today. Both Bea and John Lloyd were part of ABS-CBN's Talent Center before they became a love team.

They were paired off in the early 80's and their team up was described as wacky because of their comedy and fantasy flicks. Taray (as Maricel was formerly called) is the exact opposite of Pabling (William)

Their tandem started with the TV show, The Sensation. Their popularity grew, and they started co-starring in movies together.Their team up was a success and the audience clamored for them.

Their love chemistry started in the now-defunct TV series Esperanza (1997-1999). Their chemistry was such a success that Star Cinema and ABS-CBN continued to pair them up in TV series and movies alike.

They danced their way to fame. Their team-up started and blossomed in the movie, Amor-mioSquatters (1953). in 1952. They both showed off their talent in dancing in the film

Claudine and Rico starred in one of ABS-CBN's most successful soap operas that showcased powerhouse casting, Mula Sa Puso.Their onscreen romance soon became an offscreen relationship.

One of the most popular love teams in the 1940's. In 1940, their tandem was launched in the movie Senorita their team up was a hit and tremendously accepted during the prewar and postwar times.

Onscreen and offscreen partners. Pancho and Tita were one of the popular love teams in the late 40's up to the 50's.

View remaining 5....

Source and Photo Credit: WikiPilipinas... Thanks!

Top 10 Pinay Celebrity Bloggers

I love reading blogs, especially blogs of people that interests and impress me with their wits. I love KC's way of writing as well as Ala's so I agree with Anton Diaz's list of Pinay Celeb Bloggers he listed below. Ummm...aren't there any "Pinoy" bloggers? Hehehe... ^_^

1. The Diary of a Supergirl Wannabe by SuperBianca also known as Bianca Gonzalez. ( She has been on blogging hiatus for a year ever since she entered Pinoy Big Brother around Nov 2005. Recently, she started to post again to the delight of her readers/ fans last Feb.7

2. Lemon.Chamomile by Kooki also known as KC Concepcion. There are a lot of fake celebrity blogs out there hoping to get accidental traffic and earn a few bucks. KC wrote in her multiply: (

"This is my ONLY online journal, meaning I have N

3. DaphneOP by Daphne Osena. ( It is refreshing to see a celebrity having an online photo blog like Daphne. It is great to see her family pictures with her kids and she takes time to post the photos and put caption on them. Her Flickr account also serves as a showroom for her necklace business and my wife loves to look at them. It is fun to see the photos of Daphne as if watching a reality F show using photos. She often interacts with ka-flickrs and I admire her openness in sharing her lives in the photos of her family.

4. indie · boys · are · neurotic by sugarcandypop also known as Mitch Dulce ( I've known Mitch blog because she is one of the designers and owners of the Store for All Season (SFAS) along Mandaluyong. To refresh your memory, Mitch was part of the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition and she was the up and coming Fashion Designer in that batch. She was one of those more popular LJ bloggers who is not afraid to speak her mind out. I love her stories on Mich Dulce school of passion.

5. Ala-ism by VJ Ala. ( Daughter of Apo Hiking Society's Jim Paredes who regularly blogs also at Writing on Air ( I love her cute valentines posts on: How to make Ala Paredes fall in love with you

6. Oohhh LaLa!!! Come waste your time with me!! with Patty Laurel ( I actually started tuning out of my channel 23 breakfast habit when they changed the original cast (of Angel Jacob and Ria Tantuatco). I just learned about Patty Laurel's blog (from Dawn) and I'm hooked with her witty comments and funny photos. Now, I have a reason to watch Studio 23 Breakfast threesome (JC Cuadrado, Patty Laurel and Atom Araullo) and see Patty Laurel live and not just on her blog. I warn you don't read her blog because I'm sure you'll be wasting a lot of time reading it's two years archive since Jan. 2005.

7. Lea's Multiply Site by Lea Salonga ( It is cool to see her occasional posts on major happenings in her life which includes the recent release of her album Inspired. I like her blog post on her pet peeves:

8. SnowWhite 2006 Flickr Photos ( also known as Pia Magalona, wife of Francis M blogging at a Free Mind and flickr site ( ). Pia's flickr site contains her collection of Havianas and occasional pictures of the family. I envy Francis M for becoming a member of the Camera Club of the Philippines (I want to join this group!! I'm dying to be part of this club). I must admit that Francis site is well updated and he is definitely a gifted photographer.

9. Anna Bayle, Website of the First Asian Model ( ) by Anna known as "The first Asian 'supermodel'. Became in the 1980's one of the top ten models of the world in only 2 years. Touted the “Model of the 80s.” " Anna Bayle is a living proof that models have brains too and can write. I do wish that she writes more often and consistently.

10. Charmant Papillon by Natalie-Wood also known as Ciara Sotto. ( I must confess that when I work from home, I watch Bulagaan and have fun watching the Ciao Pao tandem. She does not post as much but one of these days, I will write her a fan letter that I love watching them in Bulagaan :) I do hope she writes more consistently.

Source: Our Awesome Planet.... Thanks! ^_^

Top 10 Call Centers in the Philippines

Hahaha...saw this one at Tristan Cafe while surfing... hmmm...calling all call center agents out there, according to , if I may quote... "If You Wish To Have A High Income................ Apply In This Top Ten Call Center Companies............"

Interested??? Apply na! ^_^ No comment ako dito...hehehe.... but you're free to comment if you have any violent reactions sa list na to. Hehehe.

Source: Tristan Cafe Thanks!!! ^_^
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Top Asianovelas since the year 2002

Ummm...i confess...i love watching aAsian novelas and I even bought the complete CD of Kim Sam Soon and Attic Cat. Was supposed to buy the tagalg version of Full House but they ran out of stock. Waaahhh!!! Anyway, love this list because I so can relate. hehehe... Read on PEP's Top Asian novelas since 2002...Enjoy!!!

Meteor Garden. (didn't watch every episode if this one but this one is good, i must say)

Just say "F4" and we all know which Asianovela gets the Number One spot on this list. The F4 band caught our attention with their music and pretty-boy looks. Bring in the beautiful, equally talented actress Barbie Shu and you find yourself in Meteor Garden. First aired in the Philippines by ABS-CBN, the show's first few episodes caught like wildfire, forging its status as one of the most watched TV programs.

Jewel in the Palace. (what can i the song, the story, Lee Young Ae and all the food she cooks... ^_^)

This show is a 2003 TV series produced by South Korean TV channel MBC. Jewel in the Palace was shown locally in November 2005 under GMA-7 and was hailed as the highest rating Koreanovela in primetime during that period. Because of its popularity, the show was rerun and again, garnered high ratings. Faith Cuneta sang the Tagalog version, "Pangarap na Bituin," of the show's theme song.

Lovers in Paris. (wasn't able to watch this but I heard from the grape vine that it's good)

This was another primetime Korean telenovela aired in the summer of 2004 under SBS studio. Lovers in Paris was the first of three romantic dramas set in Europe. The second was Lovers in Prague, and the third was simply titled Lovers.

Stairway to Heaven. ( a real tear jerker...nice song too)

This Korean drama from SBS was shown between late 2003 and early 2004. The first week of Stairway to Heaven got relatively low ratings (about 20%) on GMA-7 mainly because another Korean soap, Lovers in Paris, was being aired on ABS-CBN. Viewership increased when Lovers in Paris ended its run; Stairway garnered over 40% in ratings.

Full House. ( I sooo love this!!! love yah Jenny and Raine. What a cute pair...OST and all were terrific)

This drama-comedy explores the situation of two people getting married only on paper. A hilarious turn of events plagues Han Ji-Eun when she discovers that her friends tricked her into selling her home to a budding actor named Lee Young-Jae.

Princess Hours. (wasn't able to see this, but hey, she's the girl from Cofee Prince, right?)

Princess Hours, also known as Palace Love, is another comedy-drama from Korea. Under Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, it became the most popular show of 2006 in Korea, second only to Jumong. According to TNS Media Research, Princess Hours was the tenth most popular drama of 2006. And so, a second season was produced but controversy within the show led to its cancellation.

Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart. (there was never an episode that this Korean Novela did not make me cry. T.T I have loved Jenny here right away...)

Probably the most heart-wrenching Korean drama, Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart is the first installment of a four-part series revolving around the four seasons of the year. It was produced by the TV network KBS in Korea (2000). The Philippine airing rights went to GMA-7 back in late 2003. The drama was so popular among Pinoy fans that GMA-7 aired it two more times in 2004. Endless Love is considered to have started the Koreanovela phenomenon in the Philippines.

Endless Love: Winter Sonata. (isn't this one a duplicate of the Stairway to Heaven mentioned above???)

Winter Sonata (2002) is the second installment in the Endless Love series, but it focuses on a completely different story. Like its predecessor, Winter Sonata follows the tragic path of Jung Yujin and Joong Sang, who meet under fateful circumstances. GMA-7 again got the rights to air this second Endless Love and, once again, attracted drama fans by its signature style of tearing up eye ducts with its engaging storyline and dramatic climax.

Kim Sam Soon. (love this, love this...Cyrus is such a cutie and the PIG he gave to Kim Sam Soon is so adorable that I even thought of ordering one at Yes asia)

Kim Sam Soon, produced by MBC TV in 2005 is probably the biggest thing that ever happened to the Koreanovela-its finale garnering over 50.5% in Korean households. The success of this show stemmed from the fact that it focused on the life of a chubby, single, middle-aged woman. The stereotype portrayed by actress Kim Seon-Ah won the support of nearly every middle-aged woman in Korea. Kim was said to have gained 15 pounds for the role, turning her into the "Bridget Jones of Korea."

Jumong. (haven't really watched this, maybe a couple of times only. But my father likes it and some people said that it's indeed good. I can only recall that this one aired for a LOOONNNGGG time...)

Jumong is another drama gem from TV MBC. The show premiered in Korea in May 2006 and its pilot episode immediately grabbed the 3rd spot in the rankings. It's a historical drama about Jumong Taewang, who lives in the old Korean empire of Gojoseon. Gojoseon has fallen to the Han Empire of China and it's up to Jumong to drive back the invaders. Because few historical records are found on the life of Jumong, the producers approached the story artistically. Much of the myth surrounding the main character had to be replaced with more realistic scenes, such as that concerning his birth.

Source and photo credit: Philippine Entertainment Portal. Thanks!!! ^_^

Top 10 Most Titillating Philippine Movies

Ummm, haven't watched all of 'em. I think I was only able to watch the film "Live Show". Very nice flick. It can leave your eyes welling with tears. (told yah, I'm emotional. Hehehe) Anyway, below is the list of the all-time "Sexy Films" compiled by WikiPilipinas.

  1. Scorpio Nights (1985) - This 1985 steamy sensation of Peque Gallaga was actually based on a doctoral thesis entitled "The Sexuality of the Filipino Male and Female." Who knew that academe could be translated so sexily? The story revolves around a young voyeur who has an obsessive lust for, and eventually an affair with, the wife of his neighbor. This movie has one lengthy love scene between the two extra-marital lovers.
  2. Live Show (Toro) (2001) - originally banned by the MTRCB, this film is about the workers in the live sex industry. Apart from the sex, it was also considered a moving view of people who have to sacrifice their self-respect in order to give pleasure to others.
  3. The Boatman (1984) - this film was also originally titled "Toro" and is also a film about a male live sex worker (or toro). It features a simple boatman who finds his way in Manila as a toro and makes the mistake of falling in love, with tragic consequences. Its ending is one of the most disturbing finales in Philippine cinema.
  4. Virgin People (1983) - the first of the series of movies with the same title, it features three virgins in a local village who discover the pleasures of the flesh with a handsome stranger and a lecherous uncle.
  5. Burlesk Queen (1977) - apart from being a highly sensual film, this movie swept all nine artistic awards in the 1977 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). Unfortunately, public uproar caused the MMFF to withdraw all awards a few days later. This is the film where Vilma Santos bumps and grinds as a burlesque performer, shedding her usual innocent image.
  6. Tatarin (2001) - another film by Tikoy Aguiluz (director of The Boatman), this movie is based on the famous Nick Joaquin short story "The Summer Solstice," featuring a liberating ritual where women dance wildly around a tree, supposedly to ask for fertility.
  7. Tatsulok (1998) - another directorial foray by Tikoy Aguiluz, the film is about an older married woman who has an affair with a much younger man. Things become more interesting when the married woman's long-lost daughter turns up and gains the interest of the woman's lover.
  8. Twilight Dancers (2006) - this is another macho dancer story where the dancer becomes an object of lust for men and women alike. Given an X rating by the MTRCB, it is also taken as a social commentary on themes such as globalization.
  9. Pila Balde (1999) - this movie starring Ana Capri is slice of daily slum life in Metro Manila. Capri plays a poor but honest girl who desires a handsome flirt but is ignorant of the love of young water boy. The film, again, is a commentary on the cruelties of poverty.
  10. Sibak: Midnight Dancers (1994) - a touching movie about three brothers, all of whom work as strippers in a gay bar, and all of whom have homosexual lovers.

Source: Thanks WikiPilipinas!!!

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Top 10 Pinoy Commercials You Love

I swear I'm so emotional (certain things only). Even the slightest scene, line or even TV commercial can make me shed tears. I guess I'm just to imaginative on how this or that particular instance relates to my life. Hahaha. How conceited can I get. ^_^ Anyway, I agree with the list below of WikiPilipinas' Top 10 Commercials. Though some of them, I can't remember seeing even once.

  1. Karen Po (McDonalds) - A girl named Karen and her Lolo are eating at McDonalds and the Lolo keeps on mistaking Karen for another grandchild named "Gina". ( ko to!)
  2. Suportahan Taka (PLDT) - A PLDT commercial where an Ilonggo medicine student in Manila calls up his father in Iloilo to tell him he wants to shift to Fine Arts. (nice accent huh?)
  3. The Coke Beat (Coke) - Two college girls playing the Coke Beat. (memorized this one!)
  4. Goodbye Carlo (Tender Juicy Hotdog) - A chubby girl swears by her diary that she is ready to diet in order to win her crush Carlo's attention. (cute, especially Carlo! <3>
  5. Kasama Ka (Coke) - Nikki Gil distributes Coke to people while singing the Coke jingle. (i crooned with this)
  6. Dugo-Dugo Gang (PLDT) - Inday, the househelp, receives a call from a stranger who claims he is her employer, but who is apparently a member of the Dugo-Dugo Gang. (nice one! one smart house helper ;p )
  7. Sabado Nights (SMB) - This commercial made Ina Raymundo, sporting a full black outfit and flirting with Paolo Abrera, an instant star. (, so)
  8. Magpakatotoo ka! (Sprite) - Just one of the "Magpakatotoo ka!" commercials of Sprite. A guy was caught by his friends watching a cheesy drama flick in the TV. (so cute, so are the boys. They're the MAN!)
  9. I Can Feel It (Palmolive) - The classic Alice Dixson TV ad that brought her to stardom. (funny! can't remember seeing this. nice outfits and dance move. wahaha!!!)
  10. SiBoom (SMB) - The commercial that gave Rachel Lobangco the name "SiBoom". This commercial starred the Apo Hiking Society and Bert "Tawa" Marcelo. (ummm...this one I remember but not really a fave)

Source: WikiPilipinas. Thanks!!!

Here's my own list or runners up, or the one, that I think, should be included in the list. ^_^

  • Smart- the one where the husband, who's suffering from stroke, texted her wife.Still gets goosebumps whenever I think of it. So touching I wanna cry now.
  • Sprite (Magpakatotoo ka!)- That's the one with Ryan Agoncillo, right? This is where he became popular. He's sporting a cool jacket in he middle of the afternoon that he fainted because he refused to take off his jacket because he really thinks he looks very COOL on it. So funny! I think Ryan was cute sa commercial na iyon. ^_^

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Top Pinoy Movie Clichés Ever

Funny but true, Pinoy films have the same 'ol formula but people still love watching them despite is predictability. Found this one at Wikipilipinas. Read on and have a good laugh.

  • The long dialogue- The villain and the hero finally have a one-on-one encounter. But instead of pulling the trigger, they will have a long dialogue first before they realize that they are there to kill each other not to have an emotional chat.
  • The last wish- The protagonist or his leading lady will be shot, but before his/her last breath, he/she will still have time to utter his or her last wish.
  • The car chase- The long car chase along Regalado with the fresh-from-the-junk shop-get away car. The car will do a somersault and end up exploding.
  • Better late than never- After hundreds of bullets and casualties, the policemen finally will enter the picture, acting like superheroes ready to save the day.
  • Stupid and funny sidekicks- The big boss villain’s henchmen are always stupid or lousy, while the hero’s sidekick is funny.
  • The “IT” girl- The love interest of the hero will be held as a hostage or the other way around--the female hostage will eventually be the love interest of the hero.
  • The Magic Circle- The attackers will circle the hero and wait for their turn to attack him one at a time. Ironic but true. Which makes one wonder why they don't just attack the hero at the same time so that the fight will be over in a matter of seconds.
  • Magical Guns- Guns that never run out of bullets and gunmen never hitting their targets despite the raining bullets.
  • Bakit ngayon ka lang? (Why only now?)-The leading man is about to get married when he meets another woman and they fall in love with each other, leaving the poor fiancée behind.
  • The old warehouse- The ultimate meeting place and hideout for kidnappers. This is also the place where the fighting scene takes place.

Hey! I did say I will only aggregate ten list right? Hahaha, this listing has more than 10 movie cliches so if you wanna read the rest, visit this link

Source: WikiPilipinas... Thanks!

10 Most Controversial Pinoy Theater Plays

I love watching plays but sad to say I haven't watched a single play from the list below compiled by WikiPilipinas... =( How pathetic...

  • Penis Talks (2005)- A play which is a take on the highly successful The Vagina Monologues. After the success of Penis Talks 1, there was a repeat or part 2 of the said play. If the theme of Penis Talks 1 is "I am not a Penis, I am a Person," the theme of Penis Talks 2 is "I Am a RESPONSIBLE Penis." Group of conservatives ganged up to have the name changed to "When All About Men," while the Penis Talks became a mere subtitle, in smaller print.
  • The Vagina Monologues (2002)- “Ang tinggil ay dalisay ang layon” , is the defiant opening of Usapang Puki. An award-winning play written by Eve Ensler which consists of monologues read by a varying number of women with every monologue somehow relating to the vagina. The theme of the piece is the vagina as a tool of female empowerment. Like Penis Talks, the title alone makes the play sound scandalous already. Its Filipino version, Usapang Puki, was first shown onstage on March 6, 2002, sponsored by the UP Repertory Company and Gabriela Youth and the script was translated into Filipino by Glecy Atienza, Joi Barrios and Luna Sicat Cleto.
  • Tatarin (1978)-The play explores the pagan forces in the Christian community, and the superiority of women to imperious men, bringing up controversial issues such as the power struggle between the sexes and the suggestion that Christianization suppressed the power of women. Three National Artists collaborated on this work: author Nick Joaquin, director Lamberto Avellana, and sculptor Napoleon Abueva (as set designer).
  • Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat (1974)- A full-length play in 1974 written by Orlando Nadres. It is considered controversial because it is the first play that openly tackles the issue of homosexuality, showing an empathetic understanding of homosexuals and their humanity, and presenting the way society regards and treats them.
  • Ang Kiri (1926)- A sarswela in three acts written by Servando de los Angeles. Having 351 performances made on record, this is one of the best-known sarswelas during the prewar era. It is also the first play that featured a flirt as the principal character.
  • Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas (1903)- A drama simboliko (symbolic play) in three acts written by Aurelio Tolentino and is considered as Tolentino's “most significant contribution to Filipino drama and most seditious drama of the era”.
  • Hindi Aco Patay (1903)- A full-length drama simboliko written by Juan Matapang Cruz. The play invited strong reactions from the colonial authorities during its time. It was banned in mid performance at Teatro Nueva Luna in Malabon, and led to the arrest and imprisonment of the entire troupe and even the playwright's wife.
  • R.I.P. (1902)- A drama in one act, written by Severino Reyes. The play portrays a komedya troupe in rehearsal and in production. Because of the play's theme, the komedyantes objected to it. This play also marked the growing popularity of sarswela over the komedya.
  • Tanikalang Guinto (1902)- A drama in three acts, written by Juan Abad. This play is considered controversial because it was banned as "seditious". It stressed the rise of the spirit of independence and struggle as the Filipino revolutionists fought against the American Government.

Source: WikiPilipinas... Thanks!

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Memorable Teleserye Stars of 2007

2007 was another year full of controversies. Angel Locsin, GMA 7's Queen of prime time, flew to rival station ABS-CBN and this move eventually led to a major controversy in the showbiz industry. GMA lost a star but a new one, in the person of Marian Rivera rose. Then, after closing the first book of Maging Sino Ka Man, another book had open adding Angelica Panganiban to the roster of stars that include John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby and Anne Curtis. Without further ado, look back and relive the Memorable Teleserye Stars of 2007 based on PEP's Top List. (I think this is ranked from least to most)

  • Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson (Sana Maulit Muli)

The love team that people followed right after their debut in the hit show, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, Kim and Gerald were finally given a mini-series of their own. And both did not disappoint their fans when Sana Maulit Muli premiered at the start of 2007.

  • Jennylyn Mercado & Nadine Samonte (Super Twins)

"Kapangyarihan ng Araw! Taglay ay liwanag. Kambal na lakas. Kami ang Super Twins!" was the tagline of the hit fantaserye.

The telefantasya from GMA-7 was followed by kids all hoping to transform like child stars Nicole Dulalia and Ella Cruz, the lead stars of Super Twins. With their powerful rings, Sha-Sha (Nicole) and Tin-Tin (Ella) transform into teenage superheroes Super S (Jennylyn Mercado) and Super T (Nadine Samonte), respectively.

  • Eliza Pineda (Maria Flordeluna)

A re
make of the drama series, Flordeluna that made Janice de Belen popular in the 80's also made a star out of Eliza Pineda. Eliza's acting capabilities were already being praised when she became part of another ABS-CBN teleserye Mga Anghel na Walang Langit. She was given a chance to shine in Maria Flordeluna and pit acting talents with drama luminaries Albert Martinez, Liza Lorena, and Eula Valdez.

  • Kokey (Kokey)

When the lovable alien hit the boob tube in August, no one expected that Kokey would become a big star. The television series was a remake of the 1997 movie by Romy Suzara, which starred Carlo Aquino, Ricky Davao, and Cherry Pie Picache.

  • Yasmien Kurdi and JC de Vera (Pati Ba Pinting ng Puso/ Pasan Ko ang Dai gdig)

After her successful stint with the primetime series Bakekang, Yasmien was given her first solo soap in the afternoon slot of GMA-7. Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso? was a remake of the 1985 Viva movie that starred Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion.

  • Krystal Reyes and Eunice Lagusad (Princess Charming)

Both Eunice and Krystal came into our boob tube via the drama series Bakekang in 2006. Because of their popularity during the series, they were given a new show in the afternoon drama program Princess Charming. Again they charmed the viewers with their acting talent.

  • Sunshine Dizon (Bakekang)

Bakekang was first introduced to us by Carlo J. Caparas in his serialized comics in the early ‘70s. It was made into a movie in 1978 by Nora Aunor. And this was introduced to us in September 2006.

  • John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby & Anne Curtis (Maging Sino Ka Man)

The series that ended May 2007 prompted a return to boob tube last December.

The saga which centers around the four characters of John Lloyd, Bea, Sam and Anne was closely followed when the drama series began on October 2006. It's dramatic one-liners were something to watch out for in the first season of the show.

  • Derek Ramsay (Ysabella)

Derek was a relatively unknown actor before this breakthrough role was given to him by ABS-CBN. As Mito Valenzuela, the sexy chef captured the heart of Ysabella (Judy Ann Santos), forming a love triangle with Ryan Agoncillo.

  • Marian Rivera (Marimar)

Undoubtedly, the biggest star of 2007, Marian Rivera captivated everyone for her role in Marimar. Marimar continues to earn high points in the ratings and has had a loyal following every night. Many await with bated breath the ending of the show this March. But they also anticipate the next show of Marian Rivera, whether she will fly as Darna or swim as Dyesebel.

Source and Photo Credit: Philippine Entertainment Portal